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The roads in Belize are predominnatly good. The Major Highways are paved and Government has made sure that few of the gravel roads are frequently scraped so as to make it easy for visitors to visit the various attractions of Belize. We find that in many cases, the roads leading to the Maya Ruins, Caves, and other attractions are unpaved and require that you drive slowly on them driving during the rainy season.

You will also notice, that there are many signs along the road that will help you in getting around the country.

Belize Road Signs
Roads Signs in Corozal

Signs in Belize
Roads Signs in Belize City

Road Signs in Placencia

Today the Southern Highway and the Hummingbird Highway are two of the best highways available in the country. The Western Highway and the Northern Highway are in very good condition as well. On the other hand, the Coastal Road remains to be in very bad shape especially during the rainy seasons. It is for this reason that we recommend that visitors remain on the southern highway when travelling to Placencia and the other southern areas of the country. Due to the condition of the gravel road on the Coastal Road, one may find that despite its short distance, it takes an even longer time to travel it than it does if one would have simply remained on the Southern Highway.

Unpaved Roads in Belize
Unpaved Roads in Belize

The Main Roads and Highways in Belize


The Roads in Belize are generally in a Fair to Moderate Condition.
One may find it very difficult to drive around the city at first instance; however, after a few hours you will get used to it.

Recently, the Government has increased the amount of signs around town in order to assist visitors in getting around the city and finding the various important sites to visit including the famous Swing Bridge (which is still turned manually) and the St. John's Cathedral which dates back to the colonial days.

There are many one way streets and very few stop lights availble in a city of approximately 60,000 and as a result, you need to be careful when driving in the City.

In addition to this, when driving in the City it is very important to look out for pedestrians, bicycles, taxis, and the buses. They have been known not to follow the rules of the roads and at times make very sudden turns.
Belize City Roads
Western Highway

Road Condition: Moderate
Paved Section:
Gas Availability
: Excellent
Vegetation: Mangrove and Low land vegetation


The Western Highway is approximately 78 miles long. This road leads to the majority of toursit attractions in the country of Belize.

Great Destinations found along this road are:

a) Hattieville Village
b) The Belize Zoo
c) Belmopan (The Capital City)
d) San Ignacio and Santa Elena - AKA. the “twin towns”
e) Cave Tubing and Zip Lining Adventures
f) Cave Expeditions
g) The Famous Inland Blue Hole
h) Xunantunich Maya Ruin
i) Cahal Pech Maya Ruin
j) Pine Ridge Area - 1000 Foot Falls, and Rio Frio Caves

And Lots more.

This roads stretches from Belize City to through the Cayo District and ends at the Guatemalan border.

There are many speed bumps located on this Highway most of which are found in the nearby villages and towns. This highway is known for a great number of accidents due to the use of limestone in certain areas of the road. Word of advice - Drive Carefully and you will reach your destination.

Western Highway
Traffic on the Western Highway

Road Condition: Very Good
Paved Section:
Gas Availability:
: Mangrove and Low land vegetation near Belize City and Thicker Vegetation as you venture towards the Cayo District.


The Northern Highway is about 85 miles long. Again it strecthes from Belize City to the Border of Mexico (Quintanaroo, Chetumal). The road is well paved and runs smoothly all the way up to the Corozal District. There are a few speed bumps located along the road in the various villages. These are mainly found in the Maskall and Ladyville Area etc.

You will also find a great deal of Sugar Cane Trucks on the road. These are usually found in the Orange Walk Distrct (about 1 hr away from Belize City). Take precaution of these trucks as they are very old and known to take turns without using their signals. You will find several new road areas that were built in the Orange walk District to assist in reducing the presence of these trucks on the road. Presently there is a new road located just at the Entrance of the Orange Walk Town that allows you to by pass the entire town. If you enjoy viewing the towns and the way of life of the people I would not suggest that you take the new road as there is nothing to see along it.

There is a toll bridge that is present just before you enter Orange Walk Town. Right next to this bridge are tour boats that take you to the Ruins of Lamanai -- Beautiful Site. The cost of the toll bridge that takes you over the New River is 0.75 cents belize.

Corozal Roads
Corozal HighwayCorozal Town

Road Condition:
Very Good
Paved Section:
Gas Availability:


The Hummingbird Highway is about 56-miles long. It stretches from the Western Highway (at Belmopan) to the Stann Creek District (Dangriga Town). When travelling through the Hummingbird Highway you will notice that it has some of the most beautiful sceneries in the Country. It is also home to the famous Sleeping Giant (Mountain).

There are several little single lane bridges that you will come across when travelling on this Highway. Simply slow down before you reach the bridge and allow the person who came first to pass through.

Note: There are not too many gas stations availble on this road. I do suggest that you fill up your tank in Belmopan before travelling the road.

Stann Creek RoadBelize BridgeStann Creek Hills
Road Condition: Excellent
Paved Section:
Gas Availability:

Coastal Road - Manattee Highway

The Coastal Highway is approximately 36 miles long. The road is completely gravel road. It stretches from La Democracia Village (located at the Mile 32 cut off on the Western Highway) to the Stann Creek Valley Road. This Highway is also referred to as the Manatee Highway or the “Shortcut to Placencia.”

Due to the condition of this road, It really does take a long time to travell it. Dring the rainy season it is in worst condition. I highly recommend sticking to the Southern Highway when travelling south.

The road is very dusty and is best described as the longest washboard roads in the country of Belize. It will shake your dentures out. The condition of this unpaved road has been known to cause a great deal of accidents. There have been many instances of vehicles running off the road as a result of the driver loosing control of his or her vehicle.

It is much safer, comfortable, and secure to travel the Southern Highway as suggested above. This will also help to ensure that no accidents occur and that the vehicle of the rental companies are returned in good condition.

Manatee HighwayBelize Dirt RoadPot Holes in Belize
Road Condition: Fair
Paved Section:
Gas Availability:
Very Poor


The Southern Highway has beautiful paved roads. It is paved all the way up to 10 miles before you arrive at Punta Gorda Town. It is a very beautiful scenery. The grass is truly greener and the mountains are spectacular.

Road Condition:
Paved Section:
Gas Availability:
Fair - It is recommended that you put in gas in Dangriga or in Punta Gorda before you travel the road.



This highway carries with it a great deal of history. The highway was once completely paved by the British during thier control of the country. Today the Government of Belize has placed some efforts in maintaining the worn out parts of the old highway. This highway is is utilized by all those adventures seeking the famous Altun Ha Ruins. Today there are many areas of this road that remain as gravel road with lots of potholes.

Road Condition:
Paved Section:
Gas Availability:


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