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Safety First

One should always take precaution when driving in Belize or in any other country for that matter.

Alway follow the speed limits and look out for the various signs present on the highway especially the "dangerous curve" signs.

Traffic accidents today represent one of the highest causes of deaths in the country today. It accounts for 8% of all deaths. (see statistics)

Things to look out for:

a) Country Buses - They stop anywhere and every minute (be careful).
b) Children Crossing Areas - School and Church Areas
c) Drunk Drivers (occasionally you will find a few)

Other Safety tips:

a) Always travel with water and the necessary tools for changing a flat tire.
b) Try to keep a cell phone handy, as the Maya Ruins etc are usually found in remote areas.
c) Dont Leave Valuables in your car.
d) Park in Secure Areas only
d) If you break down do not leave the vehicle on the main highway.
e) Do NOT pick anyone up off the road - Hitchhikers. (Not Safe)

Driving in Belize

Rain is unpredictable and may fall at anytime - Lots of Rain During the Rainy Season

Rent a Van in Belize

For the Best in Auto Rental Prices Contact: :
Estevan Perera
2.5 Miles Western Highway
P.O. Box 2276
Belize City
Tel: 501-222-4190, Belize City
Email: steveperera@gmail.com

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