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Sleeping Policemen

There are several Speed Bumps or as we locally call them "sleeping policeman" on the roads of Belize. These Speed Bumps are used to slow traffic in most residential areas. These bumps are usually marked and you and are given a 100 yrds or 200 yards warning. However, at times these signs have been removed or knocked overs so keep an eye out especially when entering a small town or village.

There are three types of Bumps utilized in the country.

a) The Large Bumps which are projections on the road (similar to a small hill)
b) The Pedestrian Passes - These are large concrete blocks that run across the street.
c) Vibradores - These is a group of small hill like projections that vibrate the vehicle as you travel over them.

Highway Bumps
Highway Bumps (Sleeping Policeman)

Sleeping Policeman
Rope Road Bumps

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