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Gas Stations

There are many Texaco, Shell and Esso Service Stations around the country of Belize. When added together, there are over 40 gas stations available when travelling throughout the country. There are one or two privately owned No Named Gas Stations.


Gas Stations BelizeShell Belize



Price of Gasoline and Diesel:

a) Premium Gas Price: $5.00 usd
b) Diesel Price: $3.80 usd
c) Unleaded Gas Price: $4.95

Note: Gas is sold in US Gallons.

The Gas Stations accept both U.S. and Belize Dollars. In most cases you do not have to leave your vehicle as they all have workers who will pump your gas for you at no extra cost. The also accept most major credit cards.

Texaco Belize
Belize City Gas Station

Hopkins Gas Station
Hopkins Gas Station

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